End of Tenancy Cleaning in London : Best Companies

End of the tenant period??? It’s time for the tenants to vacate the house…

But vacating is a task which is just tiresome. Shifting of furniture, home accessories, other essential things of the house- they can cause many damages to your house.

So what do you need???

A proper cleaning- either by help of professionals or by self

Now end of tenancy cleaning involves lot of things….many professional cleaning companies are there in London who can help you out in the task.

But why would I hire them?

Why to hire the professional End of Tenancy Cleaning companies in London

Here are some good reason for let you know why to hire them…

  • Time saving

Yes, time is the main constraint for which we always look for professionals. 

Cleaning process can take up so much of your time and that too without professional tool. Result: you get so many things done at wrong way. 

So hiring the EOT professionals will make your task easier. Mostly this would save the time and you can get everything done at right way.

  • Speeden up the rate of getting tenants

End of one tenant period means you need to look for the other one. 

What is the most important thing that people look for while looking for rented house?

It’s the clean environment. A clean house or apartment will catch the eye easily.

So, a professional cleaned apartment or house will have a tenacity to get the tenants much faster.

  • Economical to hire long term EOT in London, UK

Are you having an apartment only for the rent? Then the tenants may be coming and going frequently.

Best way is to do an agreement with the EOT Company for the long term. They would take the responsibility of cleaning the space once the tenants’ period is over. This would help you in both ways:

  1. No need to give back the money that you have taken as advance. Invest it on the EOT. Do an agreement like this with the tenants
  2. The long term agreement with the EOT will give you a stable price which can be higher every time with the new company.
  • No supervision required

A long term EOT for your apartment will not require any supervision or guidance. They know what their task is at your place and do it accordingly.  Otherwise with a new company, every time you need to tell them what to do and where to do. That’s a quite boring task hopingly.

  • Reduces the disputes related with the refund

Refund deposit issues are common with the cleanliness problem.  You need not to refund in case your tenant has not cleaned the property. 

But in case they have cleaned it but not up to that standard???

It’s goes legal which is time consuming.

Instead it is better to have an agreement with the EOT at the inception. Professional cleaning companies will make sure that these disputes do not arise.

So now hope you are convinced with the fact, why to hire the EOT companies for your rented house or apartments.

Not convinced to hire professional for end of tenancy Cleaning?

But still not convinced with the professional services?

Like to do it all by yourself??? 

Well, in any of the cases you need to have proper things to carry the cleaning process.

Here is a guide or rather can be said as a tip for you to clean the apartment:

Checklist before starting End of Tenancy Cleaning By Yourself

  • Required equipments: cleaning fluid, detergents, cloths, rags, spray bottles, wiper, gloves and anything others that you may use for house cleaning.
  • Carpet cleaning machines (if you are having carpets on the floor)
  • Walls, ceilings, doors or windows may have marks or stains. Focus differently on different stains. Gather the necessary items to remove the stains
  • Check the rooms and other places for any repainting requirement.
  • Check the pipes and the plumbing parts for any fittings or fixtures. Take the necessary things for that too.

Do-It-yourself- a guide to proceed the task

Now it’s time to start the process:

We will first start with the KITCHEN

This is place where the marks, scuffs and oil stains are commons. Also it needs a very minute cleaning as dirt gets accumulated at various places.

Start with the kitchen sink. Clean it with the specialized liquid meant for the sink. Check the fitting of the pipes and the fixtures. Do necessary tasks here. 

Then focus on the stains on the walls and the cabinets. Do the essentials as per the stains. This is because different stains need different technique. 

Then go to the slabs of the kitchen and the cabinets. Apply any insecticides and pesticides in case they need to have to be applied.

1. Then comes to bathroom 

Next space is the bathroom. Again here is the sink and lots of the pipes which needs to be checked. Bathroom cleaners are different and use that particular fluid meant for it.

Other few things where you need to concentrate are the bathroom tiles and the bath tub. Don’t forget about the shower room and the shower heads too.

2. Now it’s time of the room

Choose the bigger room first. If you are having any furnishings, check them if they are damaged in any part or not. Check for any stains or marks on the furniture. 

Clean the flooring with the necessary equipment or liquid. If you are having carpets, use the carpet cleaner.

The windows and doors, glass panels, the iron rods need to be cleaned too. look for any damage on walls which may require re painting too.

So the same thing with you other rooms too.

3. Other places 

Hallways, verandah, common space, backyard are some other places which need to be be focused at the end. These are the places which can be cleaned easily as they are small and also nothing more than just the flooring. 

So it’s your time and energy that you need to invest…

Doing it yourself will make it look cleaner and makes you feel satisfied too. In case you are having big apartment or house, take assistance with you and divide the task.

Sometimes many people skip the hiring of the professionals with the confusion of which one to hire…

Well there are so many that you will surely be confused.

But we will help you again to hire them…

4. Tips to hire the right professional for cleaning in London

What you need to look for while hiring them:

  • Check whether the company provide you the fully trained cleaning professionals. 
  • Check the appliances and the equipment that they are using.
  • Does not take too long for the cleaning process. Minimum of 3 hours to 5 hours is standard one.
  • Check what kind of products they are using for the cleaning. Whether it’s just the normal detergent for everything or special fluid for the designated places.
  • Check the reputation and rating of the company in London.
  • Special services like key pick up and other services are offered or not.
  • And lastly, an expectation of polite behavior by the professionals.

Ad mists these things, don’t forget to check the review of the company or take any references from your friend or closed ones.

Well, mostly we have covered everything about the EOT and its details. 

Still some question exists even now… they are obviously important.

So it is essential to know about them…

Few queries that can remove many disputes over the landlord and tenants

Here are some of those queries which can solve many issues of the tenants or the landlords.

Q. Being a tenant, can I get the refund on DIY cleaning?

Ans: Well, that depends on your cleaning standard. As long as you give back the space as you have received exactly, you can get back the refund. 

Otherwise the landlord has the right not to refund the deposit to the tenants.

Q. Which one is better- DIY or professional?

Ans: It is totally up to the person who is cleaning. If time is not a constraint for him and as long as it is done exactly, DIY is best.

Otherwise taking the professional help will give you exactly what to want.

Q. Who cleans what?

Ans: The tenants is responsible for the general domestic cleaning and the basic property maintenance. They could be held liable in case of very poor and unhealthy space. Even that could be the molds, mildews, pest and rodents infestation etc. the landlord can take up the professional service for these and the tenants has to pay the bill in that case.

Q. Can my tenants force me to hire the professional for cleaning?

Ans: Obviously No, but that is only if the particular thing is not mentioned in the agreement made at the inception. 

It is up to the tenants, whether they should take professional or DIY for the cleaning.

But if it is mentioned that hiring professional for the EOT cleaning is must, then you have to do so. Otherwise it is illegal.

Q. How can I handle the EOT in best way?

Ans: In case time is not a constraint- do it yourself. It is cheaper too.

In case time is a constraint- hire the professional. They are just perfect within limited time.

Q. How can the cleaning done by the tenants pass the inspection?

  • There should be no sign of dirt
  • No hair or fur in case you have pet
  • No stains
  • No grease, finger marks or smurfs
  • No pests or rodents infestation
  • Total disposal of debris
  • No limescale or rusts

Q. Whne can in request my landlord to do the cleaning on behalf?

Ans: Only when you have the followings:

Allergies from cleaning, unable to invest time or effort, no experience in cleaning, not experienced with the professional EOT, need to leave the space on a hurry.

Q. How to avoid unnecessary tenancy deposits disputes

  • Keep a copy of tenancy agreement
  • Receipts of the rents
  • Receipts of the utility bills
  • Receipts of the cleaning done
  • Photo or prove of the cleaning details that have been done after you moved out.

Q. What to do if I face any issues with these things?

  • Jut move to the court and place your complaint against the person who is creating the dispute. In that case you need to have all the papers ready for the proof. Also you need to invest some time too.

 In a nut shell, what we came to know

In a whole, this article is all about the end of tenancy cleaning and its related disputes and solution.

EOT or the end of tenancy cleaning in Uk has been in to the professional in recent years. Previously it was being done by the tenants or the landlord themselves. After the period ends and all the shifting is complete, cleaning can be done by any of them. Mostly the payment was being deducted from the deposit (in case it is done by the landlord).

The same thing is still existing but in a different way.

People are now very busy and we are always looking for help in every activity. When you are going off to your office, the work needs to be done.

Hence the professional services and companies came in to existence. They just do the thing for you. Even they are much expert as they are trained in the task. Moreover they also make use of different equipments and appliances for the process.

Thus overall the entire task becomes less tiring and also faster. We have guided you how to hire a good professional for your EOT cleaning next time. Internet search can be the best way to look out for the locals. They can just give you every detail about the companies. 

Hope it helped you

Hope this article has been useful for you. You have got the ideas about the cleaning and the right technique to do it. Share with us your experience and let us know about this.

I would be glad to hear from you. Also I would be much happy if you can also share somme good EOT cleaning companies from London and ideas how to get the best. Obviously that would help many people out there.

Hoping to hear from all of you soon about it!!!